We leave the city of Bariloche, crossing the Ñirihuau River and passing near Dina Huapi, by the RN 40, crossed the Rio Limay, natural boundary between the Province of Rio Black and Neuquén, spliced ​​with RN 237 thus reaching Rincón Chico.

Bordering the Rio Limay get to Rincón Grande where we find a natural way that closely resembles a large Roman circus called the Amphitheatre, giving us from there a unique landscape of nature. After that make entry into an area called Valle Encantado, here you can see the vagaries of nature and erosion, based on the wind and water have shaped endless strange shapes in the rocks, like so known the finger of God.

We continue our journey and arrived at Confluence point where the Traful and Limay rivers meet, from there we change direction and begin to move the RN 65, gravel road surrounded by mountains and rivers Cuyín Manzano and Minero.

Then we get into a forest of coihues, and will skirt Traful Lake, famous for its fishing. At the site we will find a viewpoint on a cliff 70 mtrs on the lake to see a beautiful view of the valley. A few km, we pass the village of the same name, reaching Puerto Arrayan and then El Portezuelo, where we arrive at the junction with Route of the Seven Lakes, to start down and go around some of the lakes and places that form part of it, Correntoso Lake and mirror Lake, and arriving at the beautiful Villa La Angostura. From there we return by RN40, passing Puerto Manzano, bordering the Huemul arm by elevations in relief, and a few kilometers we finished the tour coming to the city of Bariloche.


  • Output: 8:30 hs
  • Return: 18:00 hs
  • Season: OCTOBER / MAY
  • does not include: Lunch are not included
Tour Price: $1,150.00



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